Monday, October 10, 2016

quality transcribe audio to text

Not yet - that is what doctors are saying, speech recognition applications is 60% exact and discerning human ears are not 99% imperfect, the 39% gulf between man and machine will take a long time to bridge. So until machine can match guy, sound-to-text conversion will remain in the domain that is human.

Audio-to-Text conversion or transcriptions the other name to it, is providing employment to many people around the world, for example in the US it's estimated to be a $10.6 billion business. In Philippines or India the service is being provided by many firms online, and professionals in US have now been soliciting services from these states due to the low wage labor accessible in these nations.

In India for instance, home based transcribe audio to text have high-speed internet access and many of them are supplying services for audio-to-text conversion to multimedia professionals and doctors, lawyers.

Many physicians in the US are using Indians for medical transcriptions. The chief criterion for picking them is the low pricing of 8¢ to 9¢ line. In comparison 15¢ to 16¢ a line is charged by the medical transcribers in US. The pricing is just one facet of picking abroad transcribers, the zonal time difference is the other consideration doctors and media professionals profit from.

Since India has a big English speaking work force, the quality of audio-to-text conversion is not as bad as any US company provides.

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